Dare to dream

by Crisego

What would a person be without dreams? Maybe a robot? Maybe a puppet? Maybe…anything but a person.

I haven’t always been happy, I haven’t always been smiling, I haven’t always been hoping, but I’ve always been dreaming. I’ve always been thinking how would it be to have the chance to do everything I want, to succeed in all my plans, to find true love, to have close friends and see happiness everywhere around me. I’ve dreamed. I’ve dreamed and I’ve made it. Now, looking back to the moments when I was a fool, when the hope was gone, I just can’t stop laughing at myself. All I ever needed was to dream.

Now, after a long trip, I’ve found the light in the darkness and I’m happy. I’ve found the true love, I’ve found my real self, friends…I have a few good friends and that’s enough, but the most important thing is that I know I can do it, no matter what. My dreams have the power to inspire. They inspired me, they still do.

My dreams have come true! I am finally happy! Thank you, my beautiful angel, for showing me how true love looks like. I love you!