Youth means possibilities

by Crisego

I’m young and I like being young. Youth means possibilities. When you’re young, you can climb on mountains, you can make plans for the future, you can dare for more, you can play your favorite sports, you can take care of your loved ones, you don’t worry about your pension, you can dream with your eyes wide open…you can do whatever you want. As long as you work hard for it. You can found your own family, you can watch your kids grow up, you can achieve everything you wanted to when you were a child. Youth means choices. Youth means power. When you’re young, you can change everything. I’m young and I want to change the world. I wanna see happy people around me, I wanna give others a chance to live in a beautiful way. I want to travel around the world – I want to visit India, Russia, New Zealand, Peru, Japan and many more places. I wanna meet beautiful people, from different cultures, I want to get to know others better, I want to be in touch with the changes in the world. I wanna dance with the world. I want the world to breathe fresh air. I want to leave a beautiful mark behind me. I’m young and I wanna stay young. Unfortunately, I can’t. And I know it.