“Cu câte iluzii trebuie să mă fi născut ca să pot pierde câte una în fiecare zi!…” – Emil Cioran

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Nu există moarte / There is no death

Se spune că la început au fost create sufletele, după care, fiecărui om i s-a distribuit câte un exemplar. Eu nu cred că există moarte. Cred, mai degrabă, că ne săturăm de sufletul primit și îl lăsăm liber.


It is said that, at the beginning of the world, the souls were created and then, each person got one. I don’t believe that death exists. I rather think that we get bored with our souls and we let them free.



What is a life well lived for me?

This post is inspired by the Daily Prompt: Succes article.

So, I think that a life well lived should combine everything that I love doing.

I love listening to music, I love the poetry, I love talking to the nature, I love hanging around with my girlfriend, I love helping people, I love everything that is human. In the good way.

I want to have a job where I can do at least one of the thing that I love. I hate being constrained by pointless rules or by a hostile environment.

If I can live my life while listening to music or helping people or staying with my girlfriend or being with my family, well… that is what I call a life well lived.

Thank you, Daily Prompt, for the idea!

Youth means possibilities

I’m young and I like being young. Youth means possibilities. When you’re young, you can climb on mountains, you can make plans for the future, you can dare for more, you can play your favorite sports, you can take care of your loved ones, you don’t worry about your pension, you can dream with your eyes wide open…you can do whatever you want. As long as you work hard for it. You can found your own family, you can watch your kids grow up, you can achieve everything you wanted to when you were a child. Youth means choices. Youth means power. When you’re young, you can change everything. I’m young and I want to change the world. I wanna see happy people around me, I wanna give others a chance to live in a beautiful way. I want to travel around the world – I want to visit India, Russia, New Zealand, Peru, Japan and many more places. I wanna meet beautiful people, from different cultures, I want to get to know others better, I want to be in touch with the changes in the world. I wanna dance with the world. I want the world to breathe fresh air. I want to leave a beautiful mark behind me. I’m young and I wanna stay young. Unfortunately, I can’t. And I know it.

You don’t need their opinion

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical” – Sophia Loren

You are beautiful, no matter what. You are beautiful in the morning, in the evening, when you sleep, always. It doesn’t matter what people think about you. It only matters what you think about yourself. It only matters how you feel in your own body, it only matters how you accept your defects. Defects are not ugly. You know, nobody’s perfect, so you are beautiful in your perfect imperfection. Imperfection is beautiful. That’s what makes us special. We are special because we are imperfect. It doen’t matter if somebody says your hair is to short or to long; it doen’t matter if someone doesn’t like how you dress. It only matters how you feel being yourself. Look in the mirror! Do you like what you see? If yes, then it’s perfect. You don’t need other opinions. Your opinion is the only one that matters. It doen’t matter if your hair is curly, straight, short or long; it doen’t matter if your clothes and shoes cost 10 euros or 1000 euros. Their worth is given by the way you wear them and by the way you feel wearing them. Woman, you are beautiful, no matter what! Your soul is beautiful.

And darling, I think I’ve told you this before, but I’m saying it again, just to make sure you don’t forget it: You are the most beautiful woman in the world. I love you!



My memory has the tendency to bring me back the past, but sometimes I just don’t care about it. Sometimes I’m ok with my current world, sometimes I close my door and enjoy the present. Fortunately, my present is continuous, so I can be happy every day. Of course, I have daily problems or worries, like every human being, but at the end of the day, I know you’re there for me and that’s all I need. I just need to see your eyes and your smile, to feel your taste and your love, to know that I’m alive and that everything it’s gonna be just fine. And it is. It is all perfect! And that, thanks to you! You turned my biggest nightmares into insignificant memories and now, all that I have left from the past is the reminescence. Reminescence can’t hurt me. It’s innocent, like a child. You know, sometimes you just have to wait. And I did wait for a long time. I’ve been waiting for you my whole life. And now you’re here. You’re finally here and you love me and you give me the chance to love and be happy. Thank you! I love you, dear! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Internet challenge: All about being a blog owner

Why blogging?

Well, I’m a sensitive person, a person that likes to be in touch with people, to talk about social issues, about love, about life in general. When I created my blog, my purpose was to be closer to the people surrounding me, inspire them somehow and, to be honest, to share my passion for poetry and writing in general.

How many blogs have you had? How many right now?

Right now, I only have one blog. I’ve had one more, on blogger, but I’ve closed it last autumn.

What was your first blog about? What is your current one?

Well, as I said before, I’ve only had one blog before having this one. It was about poetry (only poetry) and it was a little bit more….nooby:) Right now, this is my one and only blog. I’ve created it for poetry in the first place, but I’ve discovered new passions and right now, besides poetry, I write short prose, I have some articles in english, besides those in romanian, I have music that I like, videos that I like and photography (mainly, photos I make with my phone).

How old were you when you had your first blog? How old are you now?

When I started my blogging experience, I was about 19-20 years old. Now, I am 21 🙂 I’m kind of a new guy 🙂

Did your first blog reach its predetermined peak-point? Did you know what to expect?

Well, I knew what to expect, but, not having experience, I haven’t had the patience to work hard on it, to make it grow and so on. Meanwhile, I discovered the wordpress platform and I’ve realised that this was more for my taste.  So no, my first blog didn’t reach its predetermined peak-point.

What bad thoughts did you have when you created your first blog? Did you know what to expect?

Of course I was thinking about the popularity of the blog, about people’s reactions and about it’s growth. But you know, I was at the beginning:) As I said, I knew what to expect. I knew that there are different kinds of people, different kinds of ways of thinking and so on. Though, the most important thing was and is for me to be happy.

At first, did you know you can make money out of blogging?

Yes, I knew, but I didn’t have so much information about it. I started posting commercials on my first blog at one moment, but I got rid of the blog and I didn’t think about money so much anymore. Right now, I just wanna write 🙂

How much income have your blogs generated? How much time after establishing your first blog?

I didn’t make money out of my blogs. Probably, only a few bucks, on my first blog, but now it’s all about passion. That’s all.

Have you had any thoughts about abandoning your blog? Why would you do that?

I’ve never had any thoughts about abandoning my blog and I wouldn’t do that. Blogging is a hobby.

Would you ever give up blogging? If so, why?

I guess I’ve answered to this question already:)

So… I’ve received this challenge from Radu Ștefan RS and I’m passing it to Adela, Alexandra, Emil, Marlena, RadioCatch22, Diana, Cristina and everybody else who wants to take it.
It all started from here!

PS: My girlfriend has just reminded me that I also have a common blog, with her 🙂 I have forgotten about it. It is called “Ochiul căprui al dragostei“. Sorry, my dear, my bad! It won’t happen anymore! Ever! I promise!

Dare to dream

What would a person be without dreams? Maybe a robot? Maybe a puppet? Maybe…anything but a person.

I haven’t always been happy, I haven’t always been smiling, I haven’t always been hoping, but I’ve always been dreaming. I’ve always been thinking how would it be to have the chance to do everything I want, to succeed in all my plans, to find true love, to have close friends and see happiness everywhere around me. I’ve dreamed. I’ve dreamed and I’ve made it. Now, looking back to the moments when I was a fool, when the hope was gone, I just can’t stop laughing at myself. All I ever needed was to dream.

Now, after a long trip, I’ve found the light in the darkness and I’m happy. I’ve found the true love, I’ve found my real self, friends…I have a few good friends and that’s enough, but the most important thing is that I know I can do it, no matter what. My dreams have the power to inspire. They inspired me, they still do.

My dreams have come true! I am finally happy! Thank you, my beautiful angel, for showing me how true love looks like. I love you!

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