“Cu câte iluzii trebuie să mă fi născut ca să pot pierde câte una în fiecare zi!…” – Emil Cioran

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A smile might save the day

It’s been a while since I wrote my last article in english on this blog, so I kinda miss writing in english. Today, I’d like to say a few words about smile. I hope my grammar won’t be too bad 😀

So, dear friends, what about the smile? What about it? Do we smile anymore? Do we know how to do it? Do we need it anymore? Oooh, yes, we do! I’m telling you, we definitely need to smile more, to share more light and hope… Why wouldn’t we smile?! Why would we be sad or grumpy or antisocial?! I don’t see any reasons…

Maybe we had a bad day, or maybe we haven’t slept enough, or whatever…but how much does a smile cost you? Nothing!!!

If you see a sad person – friend or not – on the street, at school, at work, anywhere else, don’t hesitate to smile and give that person a little hope, to show that person that there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

Smiles are good. Smiles are innocent. Or they should be. Smiles are harmless. Smiles are for free.

A smile might save the day!… Don’t forget to smile!


100 de dolari pentru oamenii străzii

Un gest … cât o mie de cuvinte!

There is still hope!

People come and go…

People come and go… and still, they think they have time

People come and go… and still, they hate

People come and go… and still, they run

People come and go… and still, they lie

People come and go… and still, they tear souls apart

People come and go… and still, they smile less

People come and go… and still, they become more ignorant

People come and go… and still, they act like they are Gods

People come and go…and still, they mock on the nature

People come and go… and still, they care more and more about objects

People come and go… and still, they keep on forgetting how to enjoy life….

Portrait – hopeless

Sursa imaginii/Source of the image: AICI/HERE!

Youth means possibilities

I’m young and I like being young. Youth means possibilities. When you’re young, you can climb on mountains, you can make plans for the future, you can dare for more, you can play your favorite sports, you can take care of your loved ones, you don’t worry about your pension, you can dream with your eyes wide open…you can do whatever you want. As long as you work hard for it. You can found your own family, you can watch your kids grow up, you can achieve everything you wanted to when you were a child. Youth means choices. Youth means power. When you’re young, you can change everything. I’m young and I want to change the world. I wanna see happy people around me, I wanna give others a chance to live in a beautiful way. I want to travel around the world – I want to visit India, Russia, New Zealand, Peru, Japan and many more places. I wanna meet beautiful people, from different cultures, I want to get to know others better, I want to be in touch with the changes in the world. I wanna dance with the world. I want the world to breathe fresh air. I want to leave a beautiful mark behind me. I’m young and I wanna stay young. Unfortunately, I can’t. And I know it.

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